Mylène Pinelli, Photographer in Marseille and Aix en Provence

I’m Mylène Pinelli, founder of the website atypictures.com. I created my photography business in Aix en Provence in 2019 to combine my 10 years of experience in architecture with my passion for photography.

Why AtyPictures? Those close to me would tell you that I’m atypical and that I don’t like to do things the way everyone else does…

As a creative person, working on a wide variety of projects is essential for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn more.



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Architectural Photographer in Marseille and Aix en Provence

As a professional photographer based in Provence, I specialize in photographing interior and architectural spaces. I understand the importance of capturing the essence of interior architecture and enhancing it for businesses and clients. I ensure that each image reflects the quality and style of the space I photograph, using the latest techniques and equipment.

I offer my photography services to local businesses in and around Marseille and Aix en Provence, as well as to international clients. My aim is to help you maximize the visibility of your architectural space and present it in the most attractive way possible through my high-quality images.

360° Virtual Tours: Panoramic Photography

As an experienced professional photographer based in Provence, AtyPictures also offers high-quality 360° virtual tour creation services to help businesses showcase their space. Our interactive virtual tours allow potential clients to explore the space in an immersive and original way, without even having to travel. The 360° virtual tours can be directly integrated into a website and are fully customizable.

They are particularly useful for businesses and property owners in the Aix region to showcase their building from a different perspective, allowing potential clients to navigate freely through the space. With my expertise in photography, I apply my knowledge of shooting techniques to the creation of superior virtual tours.

Therefore, if we collaborate on your panoramic photo shoot in Provence, I offer you the opportunity to fully customize your virtual tour according to your visual guidelines. This includes media integration such as logos, 3D elements, text, photos, sounds, videos, PDFs, and floor plans. You can also have complete customization of the virtual tour theme.

Drone Pilot - Photographer in Marseille and Aix en Provence

As a professional photographer based in Provence, I offer drone photography and videography services to my clients. I hold a Remote Pilot Certificate (CATT) as well as professional practical training completed at an approved center.

With my passion for aerial photography and expertise in drone piloting, I provide my services to capture unique aerial images and videos according to your various needs. Drones are an excellent way to showcase the best features of a property, building, or location.

Drones enable us to capture stunning aerial images in a distinctive way. They provide us with a unique and breathtaking perspective of the subject or scene, which cannot be obtained through any other means. Drones can capture aerial images and videos from hard-to-reach angles, making them ideal for architecture, building, landscape, and terrain photography.

Artist Photographer in Marseille and Aix en Provence

In addition to commercial and advertising photography, I am primarily a Provençal fine art photographer. I am inspired by the landscapes of Provence and beyond, the wildlife, and the architecture of ancient cities. I love capturing new images.

As such, I offer limited and numbered fine art prints for sale on my dedicated e-commerce website exclusively dedicated to fine art photography. A fine art print, as defined by law, is a photograph taken by the artist, printed by the artist or under their control, signed, and numbered up to a limit of thirty copies, regardless of format or medium.

My photographs mainly focus on landscapes of Provence, often devoid of human presence, as well as streets and wildlife. If you appreciate my photographer’s “eye,” you can also request custom orders according to your preferences. I take pride in offering my clients high-quality prints, and I prioritize the use of premium “fine art” photo paper from the renowned brand Hahnemühle. This paper ensures extreme longevity, with a lifespan exceeding 60 years of preservation.

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Why Choose Me as a Photographer in Marseille and Aix en Provence?

Here are 6 compelling reasons to work with me if you need a photographer in Marseille or Aix en Provence, in the South of France:

  1. I firmly believe that the success of a photo shoot lies in the details.
  2. I sharpen my eye to seek out what makes you unique, always aiming for quality.
  3. I am enthusiastic about every new project because each one is different and feeds my creativity.
  4. With my experience, I bring a fresh perspective and a creative dimension.
  5. I respond to you within 48 hours.
  6. I am attentive to your needs and accompany you to deliver the best results.

As a nomadic photographer, I am equipped with a vehicle converted to run on bio-ethanol E85, aiming to reduce my environmental impact. Based in Provence, I naturally travel throughout the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region.

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