Interior and Real Estate Luxury Photographer in South East Provence, French Riviera

AtyPictures, a professional photographer specialized in real estate and architecture photography, offers its services to enhance : 



Interior - Real Estate

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Photo / Video / 360° Panorama


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Conception and Design

360° Virtual Tours

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My work as an interior and real estate luxury photographer

Télépilote de drone Marseille
Foncière GM - Drone
Hôtel le Pradinas - Drone
photographe immobilier marseille 14
Villa de Prestige, Aix en Provence
photographe aix en provence
Mas Provençal dans les Alpilles
Photographe hôtellerie immobilier de luxe
Domaine de la Ponche - Vacqueyras
photographe immobilier arles 3
Mas des Alpilles
photographe marseille 17
Villa Le Phoenix
photographe aixenprovence 1
Villa La Romanella

Discover customer reviews

Basée sur 12 avis
Mehdi Meguetounif
Mehdi Meguetounif
Super expérience, résultats des shootings impeccable, Mylène est très professionnelle et prends à coeur ses missions.
Azury Skyfall
Azury Skyfall
Très professionnelle, travail sérieux, nous faisons appel à Mylène pour tous nos besoins de travaux photos. Merci pour votre travail Mylène.
Rachel Boni
Rachel Boni
Du beau travail par une photographe très professionnelle. Nous avons fait appel à AtyPictures pour prendre les photos de l'appartement de notre cliente fraîchement rénové et agencé par nos soins. Nous sommes ravis du résultat.
Sophie Reverdi
Sophie Reverdi
Merveilleuse expérience pour un shooting photo de maison, très difficile à réaliser, poésie du regard, simplicité efficacité, magnifique travail et grande réactivité. A recommander bien sur!
Justine Labesse
Justine Labesse
Les prestations de Mylène sont à son image : rayonnantes et pleines de peps ! Je collabore avec elle pour créer des images pour mes clients, en particulier dans le domaine du tourisme. En avant projet son œil affûté offre de très bons conseils pour valoriser un lieu, tandis que pendant et après la prestation elle est très efficace, tant sur la qualité post-prod que les délais. Le signe d'un grand professionnalisme !
Antoine Quercy
Antoine Quercy
Très professionnelle , Mlle Pinelli nous a su nous accompagner pour la réalisation d'une video pour la promotion notre maison, les images captées par le drone sont magnifiques! Nous sommes pleinement satisfaits de son travail et nous n'hésiterons pas a refaire appel a ses services pour d'autres réalisations.
Guard Industrie
Guard Industrie
Photos d'excellente qualité et très bonne réactivité. Je recommande vivement ce photographe.
Nicolas Bernardi
Nicolas Bernardi
Super résultat, exactement ce que je pouvais espérer d’une visite virtuelle pour un tarif accessible. Agréable, à l’écoute et réactive je la recommande.
Florian .D
Florian .D
Un résultat de qualité et un grand sens du détail! Je referai appel à elle sans hésiter.

Why should you hire a real estate photographer ?

As a real estate professional, a good commercial real estate ad accompanied by bright and realistic professional photographs, taken by a real estate photographer in Marseille, will allow you to :

  • to obtain more exclusive mandates
  • a higher number of clicks on your ad
  • an increase in the number of visits
  • a shortening of the transaction time
  • to sell at the desired price

Of course, a photo shoot done by a professional in Aix en Provence costs a few hundred euros, but it is an investment. An investment that will be largely recovered during the sale or the rent.

As a real estate photographer, based in Aix en Provence and Marseille, city of Provence, located near other major cities in France such as Nice, Marseille, Avignon and Toulon, I help through photography real estate professionals and companies such as concierge services in the PACA region, to enhance their apartments, houses, hotels, restaurants . AtyPictures intervenes in all the South-East quarter of France mainly but moves in all the country as well as in the international.

Aerial drone photography for Real Estate

Certified telepilot since 2021, AtyPictures now offers its services for real estate photo and video shoots.

360° Virtual Tours : Innovation

Like photography in real estate, it is a strong asset for brand awareness and very useful for your local referencing.

Concerning marketing, a virtual tour allows you to propose a visit of a place at a distance without moving from Marseille.

Your future customers, prospects can immerse themselves in your universe, appreciate the products and services that your business, establishment or company in Marseille, Provence or France offers. The benefits of a virtual visit are numerous.

As a real estate photographer, based in Marseille – Aix en Provence, Avignon, Arles cities of Provence, located near other major cities such as Nice, Marseille, Avignon and Toulon, helps entrepreneurs and companies in the PACA region, to enhance their businesses and shops through immersive 360° virtual tours. AtyPictures operates in Marseille and in the South-East quarter of France, but also travels throughout the country and internationally. 

Why choose me as real estate photographer ?

I guarantee you a “wow” effect thanks to photos that will reflect the assets of your property and primarily its strengths: a beautiful living room, a large garden … Trusting my eye of professional photographer is the assurance of putting all the chances on your side, because it is not enough to be well equipped to make good photo reports real estate.

With 10 years of experience in architecture, I will be able to illustrate your ad with high quality photos that will increase the probability of selling or renting your property faster.

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose me to photograph your prestigious property:

  • I speak English quite well
  • my 10 years of experience in architecture which gives me an excellent perception of volumes
  • my eye for details that make the charm and the difference
  • my capacity to sublimate the places, inside or outside
  • my perception of the light, to give the atmosphere that you wish
  • the unique angle that I will give to your photos so that they are the most memorable possible.

Luxury Interior and Real Estate Photographer
I travel in all Provence and France

With my flex-fuel vehicle, I am trying to reduce my impact on the environment, currently I am based in Aix en Provence but also like travelling.

I naturally move in all the area around Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur:

  • Aix en Provence and Marseille
  • Luberon, Alpilles, Gordes, Sault, Avignon, Salon de Provence
  • Bouches-du-Rhône
  • Var : Toulon, Sanary, Bandol, Saint Tropez
  • French Riviera and Alpes-Maritimes including : Nice, Cannes, Monaco
  • Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes-Alpes

Although I prefer to work locally, I sometimes have a crush on projects that particularly thrill me. So if you are located outside of the PACA region and think that your photographic report might interest me.

Don’t hesitate, contact me! 
In the same way that I am attentive to the fairest price, I will be attentive to the fact of choosing a mode of displacement the most ecological possible to carry out your shootings and catches of sight.

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SIRET : 514 750 975 00047 – Professionnal Photographer

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